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 Newsletter - May, 1999

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SAP and D&B
Drucker Pushes
  Web Farming
WF Seminars
Corporate Portals
Powerize Your WF
IBM xCentral
twURL Analysis

R. Hackathorn


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SAP and D&B 

    SAP is the only major vendor who is courting content providers for links into their systems. Last month, we reported that SAP and ACNielsen have an alliance that supplies the SAP Business Information Warehouse with external marketing information from several ACNielsen services.
    This month, SAP forged an alliance with Dun & Bradstreet to support both AP and AR functions within R/3, along with data cleansing based on the D-U-N-S company identifier. 

WF Seminars 

    A three-day seminar on Web Farming launches next month. Sponsored by DCI, it is offered on the following dates:

    - June 23-25 in Chicago
    - September 15-17 in San Francisco
    - November 10-12 in Dallas

    For full details, see the online brochure. Seminars in Rome and Brussels are planned. A one-day pilot seminar was held in Colorado last week. Thanks to the 24 persons who critiqued the pilot material.

Resource of the Month 

    IBM has launched an XML resource called xCentral that specializes in indexing XML documents, DTD schemas, and XML newsgroups. xCentral is hosted within IBM's XML developer site.

WF Has Been twURLed! 

    Check out the technique and service offered by Susan Gerhart of ROI.  It is an analyst-driven organizer of URL links associated with a topic. For example, the topic "Web Farming, Data Warehouse, and Richard Hackathorn" was twURLed. Susan used a meta-search to generate 3000 links, did rough filtering to reduce it to 700 links, and then judged that 450 links were qualified. These links are then reported in two ways: hierarchical on URL ownership, and vocabulary on keywords used. See the section on "What does this tell us."
    Susan plans to repeat this analysis in mid June to document the evolution of Web Farming. Should be interesting!

Drucker Pushes WF 

    Peter Drucker again pushes executives to consider 'outside' information. In an interview for Context Magazine, Drucker is quoted as: The biggest information need is not computer and technology. It's a method for gathering and understanding information from outside the company and especially from outside traditional markets.
    Drucker noted the penalty for not being aware of outside information is severe. A client of his experienced a drop in market share from 60% to 20% in four weeks from a new competitor from Finland. It was total surprise.

Corporate Portals & EIP 

    A new service,, focuses on the new area of Enterprise Information Portals or EIP. It is offered by several software vendors, such as Plumtree, Broadquest, Information Advantage, and Intraspect.
    Via this site, two white papers on
EIP are available. Written by Colin White of DataBase Associates, the papers describe EIP with a framework for decision processing.

Powerize Your WF 

    Powerize Server of is an EIP with strong web content links. Content from Dialog, Infonautics, and NewsEdge can be managed with data from internal sources.
    For several industries, PowerPaks are offered to highlight critical information. It uses Objectivity for its database and IONA Orbix for CORBA connectivity. A technology white paper on The Powerize Service is available.

Practical Info Viz - Finally! 

    NewsMaps is a news service by Cartia, the developers of Themescape. NM LogoThis service daily collects items for the U.S., global, business, and technology news and displays these items on a 2-D typo map. Clusters of similar items appears as mountains, while valleys are areas having few items.
    This is a great way of checking out the Cartia product. Browse through the topic list, drilling down into individual items. Hint: For IE5, disable script debugging in the advanced options.

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