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Happy New Millennium  

    If you are reading this newsletter, then we both have survived Y2K. For a newsletter that started one year ago, it has been an exciting time. learn the WF tools at these workshops And, this coming year for web farming will be even better! Thank you for your support.

WF Workshop Series 

    With sponsorship from US West Advanced Technologies, the Web Farming Workshop Series has expanded. The next offering is on January 14 with the topic In-Depth XML: Vocabularies for Information Exchange. Sign up now! Click to read more about this topic
    The next workshop is February 11 on Building Web Farming Systems: Architecture and Methodology.

AltaVista Files for IPO  

    After eight years of bouncing from Digital to Compaq, a pioneer of global search engines - AltaVista - is finally going public. Aid by the recent acquisition by CMGI, AltaVista will go public sometime in the near future as ALTA. For the gory details of the revised S-1, see...Click to read more about this topic

Liaison Attracts Funding  

    Liaison Technology in Austin attracts a second round for $10M. They also announced their Price Tracker product based upon Dexter, an intelligent pattern recognition engine. By monitoring pricing information from multiple sites, product managers can make informed decisions. Click to read more about this topic

XML Conference 

    A conference on XML Strategies for e-Business: The Universal Language will be held on February 23-24 in San Francisco. It is chaired by Clive Finkelstein. Click to read more about this topic

Freedom to Link 

    A federal judge has barred Sandra and Jerald Tanner of the Utah Lighthouse Ministry from posting URL links to pirated copies of a copyrighted book owned by the Mormon Church. As reported in the NYTimes, this decision could discourage people from linking to websites out of concern for copyright liability. Click to read more about this topic


    Vigil Technology offers a new service called e-Sense, which "monitors their business landscapes from open Internet sources," says Gidi Cohen, president and CEO. The firm also raised $5.5M from SoftBank and others to boost their growth. Fees for the e-Sense service range from $75 to $500 per month. Click to read more about this topic

XML Schemas Grow 

    Registered XML vocabularies are growing rapidly. The catalog listed 68 schemas in on October 4, 86 on December 9, and 110 on January 3. This is a 62% increase over three months. Some new entries are: advertising exchange by, cataloging standards by MartSoft and Requisite Technology, Predictive Model Markup Language by the Data Mining Group, four news standards for publishing, exchange standard for the retail industry, and natural language translation. Click to read more about this topic

RoweCom buys NewsEdge 

    RoweCom acquires NewsEdge for $227 in stock. Along with its subsidiary, NewsEdge has a global news network of 1,450 sources servicing 1.5 million people. Combined  with their archives of magazines, journals, and books, RoweCom well positions itself to support enterprise BI systems. Click to read more about this topic


     Karnak is a new fee-based service by VedaSource in Atlanta. Using the library-bookshelf analogy, web-based information about a research topic is maintained. On a weekly basis, an email is sent summarizing any new, changed, or deleted material. The fees range from $10 to $50 per month depending on the number of research topics. Click to read more about this topic

Web Stats from Alexa  

    Alexa, a subsidiary of, has Alexa been monitoring web statistics from years. As reported in the Alexa Inside Report, their latest crawl found 320 million unique pages on the Web. Also, the number of websites grew by about 8% between July and October of this year - from 3.08 to 3.35 million. Click to read more about this topic

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